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I am active on the interwebs in fits. I'll be super active for a while and then I'll be super absent for a while and eventually I'll come back and so on and so forth. It's just how I am and I've come to accept that I go through phases like that. So that's your warning that if I ever do get around to posting actually read-worthy anything, I'll be come and go.

This whole thing is likely to change but in the meantime
Here, have some random other stuff about me:

I have more interests and hobbies than I know what to do about which ultimately means I know a little bit about TONS of things but I'm not an expert at anything.

I'm a married woman with tons of issues that I, for some reason, can't stop myself from attempting to relive through horrible awful debauched fan fiction *noshame* and then go to counseling and cry about it... (I might be exaggerating a little bit)...

I live with my twin sister as a "Live-in Support Sister" as we like to call me but hopefully I'll be back to work some time in the next 6 months (recovering from a back injury) and eventually my husband and I will be able to move back in together.

I have a certified companion rat. Her name is Avalon. She is potty trained. I love her and her two sisters (Maggie and Miss Sniffers). My sister's cat is named Colby and she is friends with Avalon (and the other two rats). I love her too.
There is far too much estrogen in this house.

I could be a raw-foods only vegetarian purely out of laziness but.. occasionally a hamburger when I'm out is too good to pass up. Plus my sister keeps bringing lunch meet home from the store so I eat a lot of turkey sandwiches.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology and a minor in Mathematics but I have PTSD from ThingsThatHappened during college and now I can't actually work in my field because it gives me panic attacks. But I still collect rocks and love talking about them. A LOT.

I'm one kinky puppy and it's my other favorite thing to talk about.

I think Chimpanzees are non-human people. As well as some other animal species.

I believe in evolution and creation with no problems whatsoever.

I'm fat. Like 70 pounds overweight fat. And except for the inability to run and achy joints and poor sleep and risk of heart disease .. I really don't give a crap. In fact, I think I actually look pretty good. But I'm losing weight anyway because my parents are about to be 70 years old and it's like they're 50 and that's what I wanna be like when I'm 70.... Plus I wanna learn parkour so I can pretend to be a ninja-assassin-pirate...

I once wrote a 15 page research paper with accompanying power point entitled "The Botany of French Toast" and it was awesome. French toast and Margherita Pizza are my two favorite foods.
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